Monday, February 8, 2016

Dear Wedding Photography, Thanks for the memories....

Dear Wedding Photography, Thanks for the memories....
After much prayer and discussion with my husband and family, I have decided to take a break from photographing weddings after 2016. I am not sure for how long, but at least a few years. I need a season to take some time off this type of photography to focus on the demands of homeschooling, and ministry in my church.  

I truly love weddings and could not be more thankful for all the amazing people I have met & memories I have made since 2008. Wedding moments last in our minds forever, and I have seen some pretty memorable moments....

I have taken a Five-generation picture, and the grandmother was the bride!

I have a photograph of the top of a man's head, right before he plowed me over diving for the garter.

I blushed along with grandmas as the garter is removed by the groom's teeth.

I have been taught how to do the Wobble by one of my brides.

I received 3 dozen mosquito bites at a March wedding that experienced an unexpected 82 degrees, and the reception was next to a marsh.

I cheered as the 'Anniversary Dance' ended with a couple who were that day celebrating their 68th wedding anniversary (that one might be one of my all time favorites).

I photographed a girl I taught in Sunday School as a teenager become a wife as an adult.

I have seen a whole room burst into happy tears as the deployed brother of the bride surprises his little sister by coming home for her wedding.

I laughed as a father of the bride surprised his daughter by changing into a cut-off camo shirt and a rifle on his arm, then was equally moved as that same strong man cried through the entire father-daughter dance.

I learned what true service looks like as a bride and groom washed each other's feet during the ceremony.

I have praised God as a bride's mother and bridesmaids lay hands of prayer on her before her ceremony.

I teared up in gratitude for a room full of Marines standing at a fellows soldier's wedding on Memorial Day.

I saw many stolen moments and kisses when the groom thinks I am not watching (just know your wedding photographer is pretty much always watching.)

Weddings are a joy to photograph. I may one day get back into them, but for now I have been called elsewhere. Thank you again to the couples who have trusted me to capture their wedding. It was an honor. Every time, it was my honor.
With Love,

Yes, I did join the trend at specific request from the bride and groom.  They one of the funniest bridal parties I have ever had, and I was laughing til I almost cried all day!

Deeply honored to be part of this moment. 

Karen and Matt~Wedding

We could not have have asked for a more beautiful day for Karen and Matt's wedding and reception, 60 degrees in December!  We also could not have had a more beautiful location either, inside historic Tippecanoe Place. 

Cerling Family~Mini Session

We escaped the Indiana cold by using the South Bend Conservatory  for our mini session.

Gierse Family~Mini Session

Lisa & Cam~Engagement Session

Kevin and Shelbie~Engagement Session

Cook Family~Mini Session

Perfect Fall Day for a mini session

Pickard Family~Mini Session

Dalton Family~Mini Session

Pearson Family~Mini Session

I love how this family embraced the princess season in their family, a beautiful Elsa dress as the basis of their color pallete!