Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Josh and Kelli~Jean Klock Beach Wedding

Kelli and Josh united their lives and their families at Jean Klock Beach in Michigan. The only thing more beautiful than the setting for their wedding is how in sweet Kelli and Josh are together. Kelli and Josh's love for eachother is evident to anyone who spends anytime in their presence; they crack each other up with laughter, but also very often get lost in each other's eyes. 

 We had a several clouds during the ceremony, but not even a sprinkle as we watched it rain over the beautiful Lake Michigan.
 New brothers watching Mom and Dad get married.

When you have six children, you get privacy anyway you can! 

These two will always have laughter in love in their lives!

Reception at Vineland Center near Saint Joseph, Michigan. 

Mother Daughter Duo!