Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fuller Family~Mini Session 2014

"Christ At The Helm" is a motto for Bethel College in Mishawaka, and thankfully  it is also a motto of a close friend of mine and her family. This family got it's start at Bethel some odd years ago when a boy met a girl in the dining hall...the rest is  history. 
Christ at the Helm

All three of these kids have beautiful hearts, passionate spirits, and wonderful smiles! 

 Love the missing tooth grin!

The Bethel hawk paid us a visit during the session

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Richard & Susan~Wedding

Congrats to Richard and Susan , or should I say Dad and Susan. 
First time I have been IN a wedding and also been the photographer, but you do what you gotta do for family. 
 I have tell you that taking pictures in high heels is not easy feat, and I will stick to my flats from now on!
My awesome husband helped take picture during the ceremony and got to do a little of my my job for a day.

I personally think these are the cutest ring-berares ever....but they are my kids so I am a bit biased.

The red-head on the end is me. :)

Garber Family~Mini Session

Sweet family of beautiful girls and fun boys! The littlest guy turned one earlier this summer. 
I had fun spending some hanging out with these cute kiddos, and capturing just a few of their great smiles!

Beautiful oldest sister!

Casper Family~ Mini

This fun family have added sweet little girl "I" since the last time I photographed them. 
I was very proud of the kiddos as they were troopers during the unexpected cold snap, a.k.a Polar Vortex in July.