Friday, October 18, 2013

David and Angie Part Two....

David and Angie picked one of the most beautiful places in Michiana for their wedding, the beaches of Lake Michigan.  David proposed on Jean Klock Beach, so it was the natural place for their dream beach wedding.

I think she was a little excited to be marrying David! :)  LOVE it!

 In our previous post about David and Angie I stressed that this was a fun bridal party.   
Below is a request from the bride and groom that I was all to happy to oblige and test some of my photography skills...along with my Photoshop skills. ;) 

The reception was also in St. Joseph Michigan.  While the theme was still sand dollars and the beach, the bride and groom added some Irish Flair by waling in their jerseys to the ND fight song!

I will end this wedding post with my favorite picture from the day. 
Not many grooms are strong to lift his bride off her feet, and David did just that. 
 I wish these two a long and happy marriage!

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