Monday, May 13, 2013

Kelsea & Cole Rustic Wedding PART TWO

Continuing with Kelsea and Cole's Rustic wedding.  I loved that not only were the bride and groom very much in love, these two families were happily coming together to join as one.  The cooperation and  fun throughout the day were just a preview to a great life for these two clans.

 While it was no doubt a very fun day, deep meaning was threaded throughout the day through all the details. Keys were part of  an important theme for the day.  They not only looked cool on the guy's boutonnieres, but keep scrolling down to see how a key played an integral part of the ceremony.

 We were very lucky to be able photograph in front of this
 1962 GMC truck. The owner got it running just for us to use! The owner was the best man father.

Thanks to the bridal party for being such good sports.  
It was VERY cold with some cold non stop breezes chilling them all. 
Due to their perseverance we were able to get some great pictures with the  very cool truck!
I wish I could share all the truck pictures,but I kept some favorites just for the Bride and Groom. :)

Now to the deeper significance of the keys. There was a beautiful moment where the pastor gave the groom a key the Bride's Father had been keeping for her future husband since she was in high school.  The pastor also read a letter written to the bride by her father as he presented the groom with the key. 
Not a dry eye in the house!

Another very meaningful part of the ceremony was the Bible the Ringbearer used to carry the rings down the aisle.   It is the very same bible the bride's Great-Grandmother upon reciting the 10 commandments  in 1923. What a beautiful and perfect way to start a marriage.

Love this bouquet...and this couple.  
It may have been a very cold afternoon, but the sun and sky were on our side. 

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