Sunday, December 9, 2012

Joyner Boys 2012

As a photographer, I never get pictures of my family with ME in them. At my in-laws I set a tripod to get all four of us in a shot, then took a few moments to photograph my two favorite little boys in the whole world, a.k.a my kids:)

This handsome  and goofy boy is one of the reasons I wanted to 
become a family photographer in the first place!

This is the other reason I became a photographer...his twin brother!  
I am so thankful to preserve this smile in quality photography!

I framed this and set up a tripod to have my mother in law take this picture for me on their beautiful farm. I am thankful for her for because as a  photographer it is very hard to get all four of us in the picture!

Now this is much more our natural state!

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