Sunday, December 9, 2012

Joyner Boys 2012

As a photographer, I never get pictures of my family with ME in them. At my in-laws I set a tripod to get all four of us in a shot, then took a few moments to photograph my two favorite little boys in the whole world, a.k.a my kids:)

This handsome  and goofy boy is one of the reasons I wanted to 
become a family photographer in the first place!

This is the other reason I became a photographer...his twin brother!  
I am so thankful to preserve this smile in quality photography!

I framed this and set up a tripod to have my mother in law take this picture for me on their beautiful farm. I am thankful for her for because as a  photographer it is very hard to get all four of us in the picture!

Now this is much more our natural state!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jesse and Jessica~November 10, 2012

 Jesse and Jessica had a very fun November wedding! We were blessed with 60 degree weather on a November Saturday for a gorgeous couple! It was a day of love, laughter, and a lot of dancing!
This dress must have been made for Jessica, because I can not imagine anyone looking as remotely good in it as she did!

I think think the drama of these tall columns at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church in South Bend paired perfectly with the beautiful drama of this dress.  Funny thing is Jess is the least drama bride I have ever worked with!  Easy going all day long!

Just as easy going and having fun was the groom and his groomsmen!  This was a very happy man who was excited to marry his gorgeous bride!

Hey Marena!!! I said earlier this was  a reception full of dancing and I wasn't kidding!  I love seeing a bride and groom really enjoying the party!