Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Linville Family

 Laughter and personality are the best words to describe this awesome family of 6!

Gingrich Family Mini Sesson

Photographing some of our favorite people in the world is always full of smiles! 

Gierse Family Mini Session

I am Robyn and I have two little boys.  Here is another Robin, who has two little boys!  

Busch Family 2016

Another one of my repeat families, that I am privileged to document their growth each year!
  They are becoming a family of five in early January! 

Carissa Senior Session

Carissa loves to sing and laugh.  Her main request for our session was to make sure had water and flowers! I am so glad I was  able to find beautiful blooms to go with her beautiful smile!

Melissa Mini Senior Session

Melissa a beautiful and easy-going girl from a  family of campers, who loves  the outdoors.  

Paige Mini Senior Session

Paige is a natural outdoorsy girl, has a bridge she loves at Baugo Creek. 
I met her there and we had a quick, but fun mini Senior session!